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About Maine Artist Christine Peters | Fine Handcrafted Jewelry

Christine Peters maintains a home studio where she works constantly and consistently. It allows her the perfect climate to design and fabricate. Form, texture, and color meld together as she bends and solder and enamels and patinates. 

Christine Peters

Christine Peters

Christine Peters

Having had strong artistic influences while growing up, it was only natural for me to pursue the arts in college. I attended Boston University where the three-dimensional object fascinated me. That intrigue led me to major in sculpture; I was actively carving stone, pushing clay, and welding steel.

After graduating from B.U. cum laude, I continued creating sculptures in stone and clay. I acquired a proficiency in welding, so that when I moved to Maine in 1995, having limited space, my turn towards smaller wearable art was a natural progression.

I maintain a home studio where I work constantly and consistently. It allows me the perfect climate to design and create. Form, texture, and color meld together as I bend and solder and enamel and patinate. I work with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones. One-of-a-kind designs inspired by natural forms and feelings are the force behind my strong yet classic designs.

I take exceptional delight in a winter sunset, a branch, a bug, a tiny flower, or the all-powerful sea; everything motivates me to create. I love color and texture and allow their interplay to join harmoniously in my work. I am thrilled that my sculptural training has evolved into jewelry design and fabrication and I continue to push my designs to new levels. I love what I am doing!

Check out my blog where I talk about new designs and technique.