Happy September And Goodbye To Chemo!

Happy September! I am happy to report that I completed my last chemo treatment--yay!!! The fourth infusion was on August 31 and I am so happy to put it behind me. It's hit much harder this time with nausea and belly issues. I'm treating and trying to stay ahead of it all, but knowing I won't have to do this again, makes the discomfort less. It won't last for much longer.

I have 3-4 weeks treatment free. I see my plastic surgeon and my radiation oncologist for mapping and info. Treatment will start at some point after that. And then at the end of the month, I have a big follow up with my oncologist for future plans. We're still a step at a time or rather a treatment at a time, so more meetings will be coming along

While it's hard to believe it's September, I do love this month. It's also the time for my favorite show Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival in Wells, Maine. My dear friend Kate will be doing it for/with me. If you find yourself out and about this weekend, stop on by.

I'm processing and dealing with the next phase of my life. Knowing I'll be having a little more energy makes me so happy and the first place I'll be is in the studio--the joy it brings is unmeasurable. Thank you for your continued love and support. Normalcy is just around the corner!

Christine Peters