Custom Work

Designing and creating custom jewelry is a passion of mine. Whether it’s reimagining an existing piece or starting from scratch, we’ll create together. It’s been an honor to create original pieces for my clients—they are most important to me. Projects like this allows my creative process to run free. It’s a pleasure to bring the energy of a cherished heirloom forward into a piece or a new piece with sentimental value that you can still carry with you. I bring my experience of 20 years, skill, and schooling to your project. I am comfortable refining your metal and resetting your stones and mixing it all together with some new.

We’ll begin with communication whether in person, on the phone, or email—anything that’s convenient. I like to develop a relationship with you and get a real feeling for your desires and needs (wearability, durability). After the initial contact, I will sketch my thoughts and ideas for you. I will provide the essence of your piece and welcome your input for changes and/or suggestions. I will then estimate the cost. Once we have the details decided and agreed upon sketch, a deposit of half the estimate is due. Your approval is necessary for a successful collaboration. I want you to be thrilled with the results. Timing varies depending on my schedule and your project’s details—demand is high, but I will try and accommodate your time line.  I will keep you posted on the progress and once the piece is finished, the balance is due (with appropriate taxes and shipping added).

Thank you for trusting me to create for you!