Everything motivates me to create: a winter sunset, a branch, a bug, a tiny flower, the all-powerful sea. Natural forms are the inspiration for my designs, each one of a kind executed in sterling silver, 18 karat gold and precious and semiprecious stones.

I’ve been designing and creating jewelry since 1996. I show my work in many galleries and shops in Maine and beyond. I also have a network of private clients for whom I do custom work.  I maintain a home studio where I can design and fabricate constantly and consistently. Form, texture, and color meld together as I bend and solder and patinate.

I was trained in sculpture at Boston University. For four years I carved stone, pushed clay and welded steel. I moved to Maine in 1995, and lacking a large studio, I gravitated toward jewelry where all I needed was a bench and a torch. I continued my studies at Maine College of Art, Metalwerx, Haystack, and privately with several Maine jewelers, who are now my colleagues. I am always trying to push my metalwork and design sense to new levels.    


A day in the life


Most of my days begin waking with the light. Whether that's 5am or 7:30am, my body tunes in with the circadian rhythms of the seasons. I jump into my walking clothes and out the front door to hit my stride on the streets of Damariscotta, Maine. I gain inspiration and peace from all areas of nature--the birds, trees, ocean--sing to me while I exercise my body. I document these daily walks on my Instagram feed, sharing bits and pieces of both my personal and professional world.

After about an hour's time or roughly 4 miles, I circle back to my home and start my workday. I brew some coffee and walk up the steep and narrow stairway to my studio. It's my sanctuary, my happy place.

Some days projects are waiting for me to finish and other days a fresh design is waiting to be created. I am so fortunate to do what I love. Hammers, pliers, and files move the metal and my trusted torches are the tools of choice. I tend to work on one piece at a time, especially when it is an intricate and large scale piece. But recently I have been trying to be a little more efficient with my time and will work on a few similar things at once. Sometimes it takes days to finish a project, and other times I can complete something in a day. I’ve been creating for 22 years and my knowledge and expertise play a huge part in my day.

I work hours straight, with a couple stops for lunch and tea. I know I’ve pushed it too late when my cat Lucky comes up to get me in the evening. Usually after I’ve eaten dinner, I can’t go back in to work, which is probably a good thing. :)


My evenings are usually spent on the couch sewing or writing my to do list for the following day. I read before bed to relax with a cup of tea and crawl in for the night by 10:00 knowing I will wake early and do it all over again.

I am so fortunate to live this life and do what I love and share it with you!